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Calling the Church to a Rhythm of Prayer for Revival

In response to our desperate need for revival in the Church and a spiritual awakening in our country, America’s National Prayer Committee, the Awakening America Alliance, and OneCry are issuing a call to believers to join a national Rhythm of Prayer. 

The National Prayer Accord was first issued during the First Great Awakening in the United States during the 1730s and ‘40s. This Prayer Accord is now reissued in this dark hour as a simple pattern of prayer we can embrace in unity to ask Jesus Christ to once again pour out His Spirit on the Church. 


In recognition of:
  • Our absolute dependence on God
  • The moral and spiritual challenges facing our nation
  • Our national need for repentance and divine intervention
  • Our great hope for a general awakening to the Lordship of Christ, the unity of His Body, and the sovereignty of His Kingdom 

We strongly urge all churches and all Christians of America to unite in seeking the face of God through prayer and fasting, persistently asking our Father to send revival to the Church and spiritual awakening to our nation so that Christ’s Great Commission might be fulfilled worldwide in our generation.

We resolve to promote as an ongoing Prayer Rhythm:  
  • Weekly—one-half-hour to one-hour private or small group prayer
  • Monthly—one- to two-hour individual church prayer gatherings
  • Quarterly—one- to two-hour local, multiple church prayer gatherings
  • Annually—The National Day of Prayer (first Thursday of May), Cry Out America prayer gatherings (September 11).

Prayer Connect and other ministries are in the process of setting up website that will include multiple resources, news, and a sign-up to register your commitment to follow the rhythm. Keep checking back to see what is added.


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