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Coalition Calls to Prayerwalk Every Street and Zip Code in USA

As_One_Final_small.jpgThe vast majority of people in America believe in the power of prayer. As the late minister James Edwin Orr once said, “No great spiritual awakening has begun anywhere in the world apart from united prayer.” Across the nation, leaders are hearing the Lord say that the U.S. is going to experience a great awakening.

Prompted by this message, a coalition of influential evangelical and charismatic/Pentecostal leaders met this past December in Colorado Springs, hosted by Dick Eastman at the international headquarters of Every Home for Christ

The coalition—including Paul Cedar (Mission America), John Bornschein (National Day of PrayerTask Force), Ed Silvoso (Harvest Evangelism), Dutch Sheets, Lou Engle, David Butts (Harvest Prayer Ministries and America’s National Prayer Committee), Mike and Cindy Jacobs (Generals of Intercession) and David Kubal (Intercessors for America)—sought the Lord, strategized, and came to a consensus that God was leading them to unite and issue a national call for multiple days of fasting and prayerwalking.

Out of this has emerged a coalition of ministries called, As One. The vision is: Uniting as one, appealing to heaven to change the spiritual climate of our nation. The basic strategy revolves around two 40-day periods of prayerwalking, fasting, and corporate prayer events. The first will start on Easter Sunday, March 27 and run through the National Day of Prayer on May 5. The second begins on September 30 and ends on Election Day. In addition, there will be much collaboration with major national prayer events that are happening throughout the year.

The plan is to prayerwalk every street and every zip code, which will take an army of believers who will strap on their walking shoes and cry out to heaven as they journey passed the streets, houses, businesses, schools, and police and fire stations of the nation. We foresee a multi-generational and multi-racial effort at bringing transformation. God is looking for a people who will take Him at His word to "give Him no rest" until our nation returns to righteousness, as we appeal to heaven to see a massive revival sweep the nation from coast to coast.

A new website,, will have devotions, information and many resource to equip this prayer effort. More details will soon be available on how individuals, churches, and other movements can join the coalition in putting feet to our prayers.

40daysofPrayersmall.jpgNOTE: The prayer guide being used on the first 40 days of prayer, beginning March 27 is Desperate for Change: 40 Days of Prayer for America by David Butts. To participate, you can sign up to receive a shortened version of the daily devotional reading and prayer points at or you can purchase the book at The cost is $5.00 for an individual copy, but multiple copy discounts begin with as few as 2 copies purchased. (Buy them by the case [120 per case] for $2.00 each!) Buy them for your group or church to pray together! 

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