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OneCry Calls for Urgent Prayer for Revival

Seeking Intercessors Who Will Take on Call

OneCry3.jpgUrgent, Christ-centered prayer rooted in brokenness and the desperate need for God’s manifest presence are the hallmarks of a prayer movement that seeks to raise up 50,000 prayer warriors who will pray in agreement for revival. This national prayer initiative called OneCry is based on one premise: that revival is our only hope.

Birthed in the heart of Byron Paulus, the executive director of Life Action Ministries, OneCry is a call to people who will regularly pray for and speak on behalf of a nationwide spiritual awakening. The goal is to identify thousands of prayer warriors willing to give substantial time in prayer for revival, as well as be equipped as informed intercessors in principles of revival.

The Common Vision
OneCry will officially launch in February 2012. Already leaders and prayer warriors are joining the movement of crying out the Lord with one voice for His reviving work. OneCry is recruiting 50,000 prayer warriors, 5,000 people who will speak and share the vision, and 500 leaders who will help mobilize churches and communities to pray.

Those who agree to join this movement will commit to:

  • engage in earnest, intercessory prayer for revival.
  • walk in brokenness, humbly repenting of every sin God reveals.
  • seek the manifest presence of God, believing that a revived church will advance the gospel of Christ throughout the world.
  • unite with others who share this revival vision.

The Need Is Great
Although still in pre-launch phase, OneCry has already inspired many to join the movement. The opening paragraph of the “Declaration of National Spiritual Emergency” (a OneCry core document on the website) summarizes the reason for this shared pursuit:

It is with heavy hearts and a sense of urgency that we, the undersigned, declare that the church of America is in a state of spiritual emergency. Like the churches warned in Revelation, many of us have become lukewarm and compromised. Though we have access to more resources and more biblical teaching than any other group of believers in history, we are not characterized by spiritual power that comes from the Holy Spirit.

Darryl Craft, a pastor and leader for OneCry, shared his response when he first heard Paulus cast the vision for OneCry in April 2011. “Immediately, I knew this was not another idea or strategy but rather a universal expression of all those who believe that we are in desperate need of revival and that nothing else will do. After almost 30 years of ministry, I am convinced that our greatest need is also our only hope-—the unusual outpouring of God’s presence in the lives of His people.”

According to Scripture, Craft added, judgment begins in the house of God (1 Peter 4:17). “If there is any hope for this nation, we must begin with God’s people experiencing the manifest presence of God.”

National Endorsements
Other national leaders are also coming alongside and supporting the OneCry movement. Dave Butts, chairman of America’s National Prayer Committee
and president of Harvest Prayer Ministries, has joined the leadership team. He commented on the importance of revival following a recent meeting with other national prayer leaders:

“Just today I finished a three-day meeting with the Executive Team of America’s National Prayer Committee. The whole focus of our meeting was the desperate need for revival in our nation and how we might mobilize for prayer. We wholeheartedly endorse and support the OneCry Initiative and believe that it is a significant part of what God is doing in the U.S. today.”

An additional endorsement from Michael Catt, executive director of Sherwood Pictures (Courageous, Facing the Giants, and other Christian movies) and senior pastor of Sherwood Church in Albany, GA, speaks to the potential far-reaching impact of OneCry:

“I believe OneCry is a revival initiative birthed in heaven. It is a God-sized vision that will overarch denominational labels, doctrinal preferences, and religious traditions. If taken seriously, the impact of OneCry could be the catalyst for a great awakening in our lifetime.”

Pray until He Comes
The uniqueness of OneCry is found in part in the lack of an ending date. Those who subscribe to the movement must have a passionate commitment to seek God “until He comes.” The spirit of OneCry is to keep crying out to God until He chooses to come by manifesting His presence and power, or until He chooses to come again.

Those who sign up as intercessors will commit to pray daily with great hope for national revival and spiritual awakening. Those willing to join the sharing component must invest time in spreading the message of OneCry. Involvement as a leader requires a ministry platform that gives them denominational or regional ministry influence.

To join the movement as one who will pray, share, or lead, go to to indicate your level of interest.

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