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New Ministry Partnership

Ministry leaders believe the new partnership between The Sentinel Group and Intercessors for America (IFA) was born in God’s providence and is, in a practical way, fulfilling the unique purpose each organization brings to its mission. 

Now in its 40th year of ministry, IFA has maintained a twin focus of encouraging and modeling uninterrupted prayer for our nation, along with seeking to mobilize increased numbers of individuals, local churches, and prayer groups to multiply and maintain intercession across the U.S. and throughout the Body of Christ. Through its monthly prayer letter and weekly e-alerts, it consistently encourages strong intercessory prayer for God’s mercy on a forgetful and sinful nation, and for the establishment of righteous government—through the raising up of morally principled local and national leaders.

Meanwhile, since the late 1990s, The Sentinel Group has investigated several hundred transformed communities, ranging from tribal villages to urban metropolises, telling each story. Researchers have spent considerable time analyzing these transformational breakthroughs in an effort to identify underlying patterns and principles. Now, after more than a decade of study, The Sentinel Group, along with IFA, is sharing these findings with communities that long to experience transformation firsthand. The joint effort teaches and trains leaders to multiply both knowledge and prayer. 

Leaders of both groups believe a great harvest is coming. The international stories of transformation, as displayed in the Transformation videos produced by The Sentinel Group, are serving as catalysts to awaken the Church. In less than a year a vast network of intercessors, prayer leaders, and ministries have joined hands and hearts with the IFA-Sentinel partnership. 

The result? David Kubal, president/CEO of IFA, says, “We are in a position to marry the principles of transforming revival with the prayers of the saints across our nation. Our hope and expectation is that God will show up.” 

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