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National Prayer Committee Meets and Prays for Hollywood

The National Prayer Committee (NPC) met in Pasadena, CA, in late January 2013 to pray together, hear reports of God’s work throughout the prayer movement, and discuss greater collaboration toward a national spiritual awakening. Some 60 prayer leaders from several national prayer ministries spent time together for this first of two yearly meetings. The group’s second meeting takes place in Washington, D.C., around the National Day of Prayer in May of each year.

Dave Butts, NPC chairman, addressed the group regarding the growing prayer movement that culminated in unprecedented numbers of people throughout the United States praying prior to the November 2012 elections. He acknowledged that many people felt disillusioned with the outcome, but he characterized God’s answer as “exactly what we need.” He added, “We need to pray as those in past days with a vision that God is about do something beyond what we’ve ever seen. It is a time for the discerning Church to listen and recognize the amazing opportunity before us—and that is not to trust in government, but to trust in God.”

The prayer leaders expressed agreement that the most significant need in the United States is for another great spiritual awakening—and that God’s heart is for revival.  

The Denominational Prayer Leaders Network (DPLN) also met for two days prior to the NPC meetings to share reports of the prayer movement within denominations. With a dozen denominations represented, the prayer leaders calculated they represented more than 100,000 of America’s 325,000 congregations. The DPLN shared the NPC’s sense of urgency for a spiritual awakening.

Prayer Walking Hollywood The NPC and the DPLN joined for a day of praying together for the entertainment industry by prayer walking key locations throughout Hollywood. Guided by Karen Covell, founder of the Hollywood Prayer Network, the prayer leaders gained insights into the industry and special prayer needs.

The group had prayed through Hollywood two years prior to this gathering, and both Covell and Pastor Scott Erdman, from Hollywood Presbyterian, reported noticeable changes in greater spiritual openness for their ministries since then. They are now aware of more than 6,000 committed believers in the industry.

The group also listened to a panel discussion with three industry professionals: DeVon Franklin, senior vice president of production at Columbia Studios; Dean Batali, writer and executive producer for That 70s Show, and actress Nancy Stafford from Matlock. They talked about the challenges of the entertainment industry and suggested ways the leaders could pray for them.


Covell, who facilitated the discussion, expressed her hope that NPC and DPLN members would leave with a better sense of how to pray specifically for Hollywood as “the world’s most influential mission field.” She encouraged increased prayer efforts for transformation: “The content of Hollywood will never change until the hearts of those who create it change.”

To join in prayer for Hollywood, go to To learn more about the NPC, go to

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