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Middle East Prayer Assembly

A prayer assembly hosted in Larnaca, Cyprus, October 2013, drew 130 people from more than 25 nations to pray for the Middle East and hear reports of what God is doing in each nation in that region. The gathering, sponsored by the International Prayer Council and World Prayer Assembly, focused on the need for peace, healing, love, and justice to cover the nations of the Middle East.

The biblical basis for much of the prayer ministry came from Ephesians 2, in which Paul wrote about breaking down the dividing wall of hostility between Jews and Gentiles—and the way Jesus brought peace with God and with one another.  

Many moving reports were shared, both of sorrow and sadness but also of breakthroughs leading to reconciliation, harmony, and great joy. Delegates listened to each other, prayed, and had fellowship with each other.  

Isaiah 19 was a key chapter in guiding participants to understand God’s purposes for this region. Most of the chapter describes God’s judgment on the idolatry of Egypt, but then it refers to ways in which Egypt, Assyria, and Israel will together become a blessing in the midst of the earth with a highway of worship and prayer between them.

Approximately 50 houses of prayer have been set up in this region, with a new one soon to be launched in Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus. This is a partial fulfillment of the Isaiah 19 vision. Delegates were also given some of the biblical background to the House of Prayer movement from Amos 9:11–12 (quoted by James in Acts 15:16–17), Isaiah 56:5–8 (a house of prayer for all nations), Psalm 27:4 (David’s one desire to worship in God’s presence), Rev. 4:8–11 (vivid description of heavenly worship), and Rev. 5:7–10 (worship and intercession combined—harp & bowl).  

A music team, drawn primarily from Lebanon, led worship, using a combination of songs and medleys from the worldwide church.

A delegation from Syria could not join the assembly, but two brave sisters from a Maronite Convent attended and gave a disturbing report from Syria. They said that the events in their country were not so much military, political, or even religious, but, rather, eschatological. Jesus is coming again and we need to prepare for Him, they said. Later on they led the delegates in a dance of joy amidst the suffering and sorrow.

The prayer assembly was supported by people representing the worldwide church and prayer movements from China, Indonesia, Korea, India, Brazil, and the U.S., as well as from the World Prayer Centre, Birmingham, UK. Several delegates had been at the World Prayer Assembly in Jakarta, Indonesia, in May 2012.  

Delegates also prayed for the “peace of Jerusalem” and especially for Damascus, with some strong “breakthrough prayers” based on Psalm 46. Leaders also demonstrated a concern to pass the baton to the next generation, some of whom were present for the prayer assembly.

Taken from International Prayer Connect .


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