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An Explosion of Global Prayer


Indonesiaprmtg.jpg"Midnight, now more than 2,000 people are attending the all night prayer for the preparation of the World Prayer Assembly,” wrote Dr. Bambang Widjaya, the Indonesian chairman of the World Prayer Assembly, speaking of the prayer preparation for the event to be held May 14-18 in Jakarta, Indonesia.


“On the evening of May 17, according to our latest data, there will be 363 cities in Indonesia which will hold city-wide prayer rallies simultaneously, using outdoor and indoor stadiums as well as public halls. We will link up those cities through satellite broadcasting,” Widjaya continued.


“We expect at least 5 million believers in Indonesia on that day will pray together for a new wave of global revival."

According to Daniel Pandji, the Indonesian WPA General Secretary, two days before the above prayer meeting, another prayer meeting happened (pictured) at the national stadium where an estimated 100,000 will gather on May 17 as mentioned above.


"Couple thousand people met in early morning prayer today April 28, 2012, at 5 am at the outer ring of Open Stadium,” said Pandji. “Two hours of prayer and worship with three generations. There will be another early morning prayer inside of the stadium on May 12 at 4 am. Hope all of you could join with us together."

There are many other prayer gatherings and prayer chains going across the nation to prepare for the WPA. The prayer awakening that was already going in the nation is becoming a veritable tsunami in the Spirit, rising more and more as the weeks have gone by. As 6,000 gather from every region of the world and from the islands of Indonesia, May 14-18, in Jakarta, you can imagine the explosive mixture this can produce! 


The first International Prayer Assembly that occurred in Seoul, Korea in 1984 was called "an atomic bomb blast in the Spirit" as over 300,000 Koreans prayed and fasted along with the 3,000 international leaders that were present. Much of what has happened in the global prayer movement since can be traced to that original gathering. (If you would like to see a documentary video about this, go to Youtube and type in "Celebrating the Wonders of God in the Global Prayer Movement".)


J. Edwin Orr, the great historian on spiritual revival and mission, that documented the connection between the great revivals and the thrusting forth of new mission endeavors, said that "When God gets ready to do something new with His people, He always sets them a-praying". Please imagine in faith with us what the Lord could be up to through the WPA. Let's pray if forth with expectation, welcoming a new era of spiritual revival and mission impact for the nations of our world! Get ready to ride the wave!


For those not able to come to Jakarta. Some gifted media folks are working on trying to stream the plenary sessions of the WPA. Please see the WPA website for any updates on this. As of this writing, all of the May 17 stadium event that is connected to 362 cities of Indonesia and around the world through GodTV will also be available on the GodTV website so please watch for it.

--International Prayer Connect

Note: Three members of our staff are going to the event in Jakarta. We will be blogging daily about our experience. Click here to sign up to receive this blog.


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