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Free Medical Clinic Sees Powerful Answers

When Michael Pearson received news that the free medical clinic he managed near downtown Cedar Rapids, IA—His Hands—was about to lose the building it leased, he called a meeting of the leadership. They discussed several options for handling the untimely news, including going out of business.

Then the new executive director Sharon Patten asked, “Well, what does God want us to do?” That simple question caused the leadership to cease worrying and trying to figure out a plan of action. Instead, they went to prayer. They turned to Scripture and sought God’s will, trusting that He would provide. They understood that this unexpected trial left them with a choice: trust Him or try to fix it themselves.

This faith-based organization was established in 1992 to “bring glory to God by meeting the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of those without adequate resources.” His Hands Free Medical Clinic provides free medical exams and medications, as well as free chiropractic exams.


Moving to a new space would require extensive remodeling and more expenses than they could afford. But during their season of prayer, they sensed God was preparing them for something greater—including moving from being renters to owners. He directed them to an even larger facility just a block away that would need to be gutted. Through God’s amazing provision, they were able to purchase the building with no loan—but without a dime to spare!

Two weeks after the purchase, Pearson met with the executive director to discuss how to meet the next payroll. They had just finished their discussion with, “God will provide,” when Pearson’s cell phone rang with an offer of $10,000 from the previous landlord. This gift allowed them to meet obligations and move forward with the design work.

God’s Blessings Continue

The design for the new clinic included an expanded waiting room, extra exam rooms, and an enlarged pharmacy. Knowing they would need volunteers to complete the remodeling work, they anticipated shutting down the ministry for several months.

But they prayed—and again God answered with abundant provision. They were approached by a coalition of craft unions and contractors who needed a place to train apprentices. Not only did they provide free labor but also some of the building materials. With the help of Builders Pro, His Hands added a prayer room, two more exam rooms, another restroom, and the wiring and plumbing for a dental clinic that was still just a dream.

Shortly after moving into their new facility, a development company called and said that as part of their own loan negotiations, they were required to donate a certain amount to local nonprofit organizations.

“Could you use $100,000?” they asked.

With that unexpected gift, they installed two dental chairs, digital x-ray equipment, and all the other necessary equipment to start the free dental clinic. The immediate demand for dental care overwhelmed them. It is not uncommon to have 600 people on a waiting list. Many patients have never been to a dentist. The clinic is working with local dentists to refer some of the more difficult patients to their offices. And a denture firm donates inexpensive dentures to replace lost teeth.

Now the clinic has also developed an area in their building where they teach healthy living classes, emphasizing diet and exercise. Most clients’ health problems stem from a lack of education in these areas.

True to the Mission

In the clinic’s early history, a local foundation offered them a donation with strings attached—cease operation as a faith-based organization. His Hands turned down the donation. Years later, the board felt led of God to send a letter to another foundation that also specifically excluded faith-based organizations. The foundation board chairman visited His Hands, and shortly thereafter that foundation awarded His Hands a grant to finish the final remodeling. “God acted again in response to prayer,” says Pearson.

“In retrospect, the key moment was that board meeting when we recognized that God was acting in this trial—and that our proper response was to pray and seek His will. He had been preparing us, even before we prayed. He moved us ahead much faster than we had planned,” Pearson adds. “As a result, we have supplied a thousand more patient contacts than last year. God is truly glorified!”

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