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David Bryant's Hopeful Response to "The Response"


response1.jpgMany believers were intrigued by The Response, the prayer event called by Governor Perry of Texas, held August 6 at Reliant Stadium in Houston.  Prayer Connect watched with fascination as our first issue was on “Can Prayer Save America.” Of the  summaries we have seen thus far, David Bryant’s of Proclaim Hope was the most thorough. This was written to Proclaim Hope constituents. We have permission to post it on our website.


Dear PH! Friends across the nation...Many of you are wondering about my reflections on the extraordinary event yesterday (Saturday) in Houston.  Here are initial thoughts:


First:  You need to know I enjoyed two extended conversations with the event's leader, Luis Cataldo, regarding the gathering's agenda and the mechanics -- both.  I can attest Luis was committed that THE RESPONSE USA would be thoroughly Christ-focused, specifically aimed at preparing the ground for a nationwide Christ Awakening (a term he was quite comfortable using). His team's prayers and efforts were amazingly effective to that end.


For example, immediately after the close of THE RESPONSE USA, convened "officially" by the governor of America's largest state, NBC filed a report that observed: "The event was part prayer service, part Christian rock concert, and part marathon pep rally for Jesus Christ."  Even the NBC reporter "got it", in his own way.  As one who watched many of the eight hours streamed on-line I tell you: The exalting of the supremacy and centrality of God's Son seemed only to grow stronger as the day progressed.  I'm truly thankful for those who labored so faithfully for a spiritual revolution inside the Church that's the only hope for our nation!


response2.jpgSecond: Many (including me) were concerned that the prayer meeting would be "politicized" because it was called by a potential presidential candidate and involved many leaning toward the "Christian Right" (as some call it).  But except for a couple of prayers asking God to help Obama change his agenda to fit the Republican agenda, the bulk of the speaking and praying was about the Kingdom, not Washington. See the report today (Sunday) in the New York Times:

At the beginning of the morning, Gov. Rick Perry of Texas called on Jesus to bless and guide the nation’s military and political leaders and “those who cannot see the light in the midst of all the darkness.” 


“Lord, you are the source of every good thing,” Mr. Perry said, as he bowed his head, closed his eyes and leaned into a microphone at Reliant Stadium here. “You are our only hope, and we stand before you today in awe of your power and in gratitude for your blessings, and humility for our sins. Father, our heart breaks for America. We see discord at home. We see fear in the marketplace. We see anger in the halls of government, and as a nation we have forgotten who made us, who protects us, who blesses us, and for that we cry out for your forgiveness.”


Perry steered away from politics during his 10-minute remarks and scripture reading, even chuckling that God is "wise enough not to be affiliated with any political party...His agenda is not political, his agenda is a salvation agenda."


Third: There was a strong emphasis, especially toward the end, on the need for a spiritual awakening in the land.  Although the phrase "Christ Awakening" was not used (which I wouldn't expect) the word "awakening" was, even more than "revival".  My joy came from this: Only when a bike is moving can you steer it where it needs to go.  Based on what I witnessed yesterday, especially with prayers from students, it appears the focus on God's Son is growing and the need for a fresh awakening to Him is intensifying.  Therefore, it is becoming easier (more so than  even 5 years ago) for us to fill this rising "awareness" and "desire" with the TRUTH about the vastness of

God's Son to feed many already hungry for this. Maybe we're nearing the tipping point!


If a Christ Awakening involves (as I define it) a "re-conversion to Christ for ALL He is", then surely that "turning" IS underway in many quarters. We who labor for the FULL awakening (a full turning, face-on to Christ and His glory) should be encouraged!  A great deal is happening "out there" with a critical mass scattered throughout the churches; its heading in the right direction.


Finally: Robyne (Bryant’s wife) made a fine observation: Even if this event was not all we would have orchestrated in a genuine "Concert of Prayer Rally"-type of experience, the midst of a nation that is falling apart and in the face of a Church that is growing increasingly impotent and paralyzed, a day like THE RESPONSE USA gave lots of concerned believers "something to do" -- some way they could feel they were making a difference to turn things around. Good point!  Think about it:  What other immediate steps are available to the average Christian to have a role in bringing a disintegrating nation to Christ as its only hope.  Prayer isn't the only step. But it is the first step -- and it is available for ALL of us to share.


Robyne's observation brought me back to my metaphor of steering a bike that's finally moving.  I came away from today more convinced than ever of this: The role of PROCLAIM HOPE! is only now beginning to enter into its season of true fulfillment -- which is (as we state it officially): "to foster and serve a nationwide Christ Awakening movement" (our vision) by "proclaiming the full extent of Christ's supremacy and by empower others to do the same" (our mission). Amen!  DAVID


PS -- One other reflection. As I watched a stadium fill up with united prayer, I thought back to 1987 when "Concerts of Prayer International" helped 5000 from 100 churches join together in the old Minneapolis Civic Center for a Concert of Prayer Rally.  As far as anyone knows, that was the first ever attempt at a united, multi-church prayer meeting for awakening held in a public venue.  How far the prayer movement has come since then.


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