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Releasing Children to Pray

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An Untapped Spiritual Powerhouse

You will be blown away as you read about what God is doing in and through children who pray. You will be inspired as you think how God can use your kids if you develop their prayer lives. The articles that say Free Preview next to them are available for anyone to read. The other articles are only available to paid subscribers. Feel free to share the Free Preview articles with your friends via email or facebook.

Table of Contents

Theme Articles

Gather the Children

The Prayer Potential of the Next Generation... More»»

Free Preview

Releasing Children to Pray

Children are an untapped potential in prayer.... More»»

The Power of Praying Child

Welcoming children into your prayer life... More»»

The Miracle of Childlike Faith

The amazing spiritual capacity that children bring to prayer... More»»

Bible Study

A small group or personal study based on the theme articles of issue 9... More»»

Resources for Children and Prayer

Some of the best books and DVDs to teach children to pray.... More»»

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Non-Theme Articles

Out of the Unholy Din

The amazing truth that every prayer is precious to God... More»»

The Ultimate Answer to Prayer

Learning to sense the presence of God on a daily basis... More»»

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High Places Prayer Initiative Launched

The High Places Prayer Patrol, a prayer initiative launched in 2012, invites an unprecedented visitation of God’s Spirit across the Hindu Kush, from Tibet over to Pakistan and Afghanistan.... More»»

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World Prayer Assembly Reunion Tracks Progress

A groups of international prayer leaders gathers to study prayer progress since May.... More»»

Free Preview

Ugandan President Dedicates His Nation to God

Exciting story of how Uganda is recognizing the power of Jesus Christ at the highest levels of government... More»»

Free Preview

Students Commit to Missions in Record Numbers

Prayer and the commitment of thousands of students to full time missions work. ... More»»

Free Preview

OneCry Prayer Summit Radio Program Honored

The NRB awards Moody Radio the 2013 Radio Program of the Year for its OneCry broadcast... More»»

Free Preview

Prayer Procedes November Outreach

My Hope with Billy Graham set up to lead thousands into the Kingdom... More»»

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Tips and Tools

Trucks, Billboards, and Road-trip Prayers

Prayer based on what you see as you drive.... More»»

Of Bedtimes and iPods

A great idea for grandparents to pray with their grandchildren even when far away.... More»»

Surfs Up: Prayer on the Internet

Sites to Help Train Kids as Prayer Warriors

Find practical prayer helps on the internet... More»»

Prayer Leader

When Pastors and Intercessors Struggle

How to get past common relationship issues between pastors and intercessors... More»»


Private Prayer, Radiant Life

A powerful thought on prayer from J.C. Ryle... More»»

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Publishers Column

Prayer Makes for Good Parishioners

People who grow in prayer are assets to your church.... More»»

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Recent Blogs

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Experiencing Joy and Being Aware of God's Presence

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A Prayer to Be Christlike

A Prayer to Be Christlike

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Every morning I try to pray, “Father, show me how to be more like Jesus Christ today so that You wil ... Read More

Where Is Your Tent of Meeting?

Where Is Your Tent of Meeting?

Author:Dave Butts

Topic Date:Thursday, January 12, 2017

At a staff gathering recently, I was asked which Bible character was a real hero to me. ... Read More

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