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The Lord Is Near

Prayer in the End of Days

PCIssue8Cover.jpgIssue 8, January/February 2013, focuses on how to watch and pray as the  world seems to be spiraling down around us. As believers we need to focus our prayers and faith on the purposes of God and not outward circumstances. The full issue will be available in mid December, but here are a few articles available as a sneak peek.

Table of Contents

Theme Articles

The Lord Is Near

Prayers of preparation in anticipation of Christ's return... More»»

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Bible Study

Looking deepr into the articles and Scriptures... More»»

Theme Introduction

Prayer in the End of Days... More»»

Watch and Pray

Answering the Call to Pray in Daunting Days... More»»

Praying the News in Critical Days

How to exert a positive force on current events... More»»

Non-Theme Articles

Ultimate Connection

Crying out to a God who answers... More»»

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Hearing God's Voice

How to recognize God's everyday voice... More»»


A Gideon's Army Responds to the Summons in DC

When the call went out for Christians to come to Washington, D.C. in early October 2012, to pray prior to the national elections, organizers were not certain how many to expect.... More»»

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New Evangelism Effort to Love Every Person in America

“Every person in the U.S. should have the opportunity to experience the love of Christ through at least one person,” says Dr. Paul Cedar, chairman of the Mission America Coalition (MAC).... More»»

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“God Belongs in My City” Prayer Walks Spread

A movement of young people taking back their cities through prayer... More»»

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Collegiate Day of Prayer Observed Each February

For nearly 100 years, the Church in America observed a day of united prayer for God to awaken and revive college campuses.... More»»

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Syrian Pastor Writes Letter Pleading for Prayer

A Syrian pastor has written a letter outlining the state of the Church in that war-torn nation—and the Evangelical Alliance UK is circulating the letter to Christians around the world, encouraging them to pray.... More»»

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North Korean Church Prays for AMerican Church

Millions of Christians around the world united in prayer for the persecuted Church on November 11, remembering those Christians experiencing persecution in hostile or limited-access countries.... More»»

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Tips and Tools

Whom Do I Call in a Crisis

Information on using the Prayer and Crisis Referral Network to handle prayer calls... More»»

Blessing Prayer Service Can Remove Barriers

How to have a special service to pray prayers of blessing over your congregation.... More»»

Written Prayers Become Lifelines

How writing out your prayers for someone can be a blessing to him or her... More»»

Surfs Up: Prayer on the Internet

On Earth as It Is in Heaven

The web offerings of Aglow International... More»»

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Prayer Leader

Facing the Fear Factor in Corporate Prrayer

Helping people get comfortable with praying together... More»»


Prayer: The Mightiest Force in the World

Frank Laubauch challenges us to pray for world leaders and peace.... More»»

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Publishers Column

From Desperation to Excited Anticipation

Moving a congregation from reactive to proactive praying.... More»»


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