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Stand Firm & Strong:Wrestling Against the Powers of This Dark World

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Theme Articles:

"The Key of Awareness: Discerning the Devil's Schemes and Staying Alert in Prayer" by Dave Butts

     Plus: "Seven Tools to Prepare Yourself for Warfare Prayer"

"More Than Conquerors: Using the Spiritual Authority Given to Believers" by Marcus Warner

     Plus: "A Warfare Prayer"

"Persistent Prayers for All the Saints: Watching Each Others' Backs in Spiritually Dark Days" by Carol Madison

 Bible Study by Sandra Higley


Non-theme Articles:

"When Jesus Is All You Have: A Church without a Plan—and Only a Prayer" by Gordon Meier

"Staying Connected with Jesus: Simple Prayers for an Abiding Relationship" by Ginny Kisling

"The Power of Prayer in Redeeming Conflict: Ways to Pray Before, During and After" by Mary Albert Darling



Publisher's Column: "When God Sets His People Praying"

News & Events:

"Prayer Leaders Summon Believers for Solemn Assembly in D.C".
"Solemn Assembly in Philadelphia to Focus on America for Jesus"
"Crossing Borders in Europe for Prayer"
"Students Ignited for Prayer and Global Harvest"
"Calling Families to Prayer at the White House"
"National and Unified Call to Prayer for Elections"

Tips & Tools:

"Refreshing for Missionaries and Leaders"
"Prayer-time Enhancers for Personal Worship"
"A Simple Twist on Praying through Services"

Surf's Up:  "Praying Around the World"

Prayer Leader: "Men at Prayer: Not an Oxymoron" by Mark Mirza

Classics: "No More Ordinary Christians" by Andrew Murray


Recent Blogs

Peace that Passes Understanding

Peace that Passes Understanding

Author:Dave Butts

Topic Date:Friday, June 09, 2017

The Lord has amazing timing, doesn’t he? For several months I have been pulling together resources a ... Read More

Accepting the Peace of God

Accepting the Peace of God

Author:David Butts

Topic Date:Monday, May 29, 2017

Note: This is taken from the Introduction of Dave’s new 30-day devotional, Prayer, Peace, and the Pr ... Read More

A 4 Step Process to Overcome Spiritual Dryness

A 4 Step Process to Overcome Spiritual Dryness

Author:David Butts

Topic Date:Monday, April 24, 2017

I love a good rain in the summer--especially after it has been awhile since we have had a downpour. ... Read More

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