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Praying Around the World


God calls believers to be global Christians, and prayer is the foundational strategy for reaching the lost and the least among the nations. In previous issues we have featured several organizations that focus on prayer for the nations—organizations such as Operation World ( and World Intercessors Network ( Operation World gives detailed historical, geographical, and religious statistics—and includes the prayer needs of every nation on the earth. World Intercessors Network is especially helpful in praying for the 10/40 Window.


Options for Specific Nations

Numerous other prayer websites focus on individual nations or regions of the world, providing excellent prayer points. You can do Internet searches of additional nations or continents to find areas of the world that God has placed upon your heart. Here is a sampling of other websites that can assist you in praying around the world:


Praying Through the Arabian Peninsula: (

This website offers videos, prayer guides, other resources, and specific ways to pray the news in each of the following nations: Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and Yemen.

The organization has issued a call for Christians to pray October 24–27, 2012, regarding the Hajj (pilgrimage—one of the five pillars of the Islamic religion), which begins on the eighth day of Dhul Hijjah, the 12th month of the Islamic calendar. During this time, Muslims from around the world will flock to Mecca to perform Islamic rituals and follow the steps of Muhammad, their prophet. The website ( features a downloadable prayer guide to help you seek God on behalf of Muslims participating in this annual ritual.

Pray for Saudi: (

Pray4Saudi is a global prayer movement dedicated to seeing Saudi Arabia transformed by the gospel of the Kingdom of God. Their site says, “We believe the Lord is preparing to remove the long-standing strongholds that have kept Saudis from experiencing the love of God and His gift of salvation. We are also convinced that strategic prayer is the key to preparing for, initiating, and sustaining this move of God.” The website features excellent materials to assist you in focused prayer for the Saudi people. Be sure to click on the “Updates” section.


Pray for Tunisia: (

Tunisia is the smallest nation in Africa (about the size of Wisconsin). It is located partially on the Mediterranean Sea, sandwiched between Algeria and Libya. At you will find videos about the power of prayer and about the need for the gospel among the unreached people groups of the world (including Tunisia). These tools are helpful for missions teams, small groups, families, and entire churches, drawing hearts towards this Muslim nation.

Through this website you can subscribe to two free resources: Pray4Tunisia (daily, short, strategic prayer points for Tunisia) and Revive Tunisia (a weekly prayer newsletter).


Gospel for Asia: (

Gospel for Asia is a ministry founded on, committed to, and sustained by the power of prayer. Through this site you can lift up the people of South Asia and receive emergency prayer requests and praise reports. This website also offers free PDF downloads, including guidelines for effective prayer meetings. Approximately once a month you can join a live-streamed prayer meeting focused on the people and issues of Asia.


Pray for Europe: (

This site was first launched in 2008 as a partnership between Momentum Europe ( and Global Media Outreach ( This very interactive website is poised to engage millions of believers around the world in “focused, diligent, revival-type prayers” for the 47 countries of Europe and Russia.

You are invited to walk through the different sections, starting with the Home page with a list of countries, maps, and links to special projects God has raised up. The Interaction page offers a blog-type venue for you to become involved—forming prayer groups and sharing prayer requests for Europe.


What’s Not to Like?

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