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Theme Articles

Theme Intro

One entire wall in the prayer room in my church is covered with a beautiful map of the world. As you enter the room, you are immediately drawn into the hope of Habakkuk 2:14:... More»»

Global Prayer Movement

Explains rise of the Global Prayer Movement and what we are all praying toward.... More»»

What God Is Doing

Free Preview

Dick Eastman shares 3 indicators of a coming global awakening... More»»

Lord, Do It Again

A look back at all the prayer movements that have begun since 1984.... More»»

Bible Study

A personal or group study that goes with the theme articles of Prayer Connect Issue 4... More»»

Non-Theme Articles

Get Rid of the Chatter

Free Preview

Prayer That Doesn’t Ask for Anything... More»»

When God's No Is a Higher Yes

What it realy means when God says no to a prayer.... More»»


News & Events

Stories of God's moving as a result of prayer.... More»»

Tips and Tools

Tips & Tools

Tips & Tools - Issue 4... More»»

Unique Twist

A unique twist on encouraging church members to pray for the lost.... More»»

Blessing Prayer Cards

A simple project to remind kids to pray for their friends and neighbors.... More»»

Storage Room

How one church turned a storage room into a prayer room... More»»

Surfs Up: Prayer on the Internet

Prayer Conference in a Download

Teaching dvds and cds available at Every Home for Christ... More»»

Prayer Leader

Go Bold with Small Group Prayer

Teaching small groups to be bold when they pray.... More»»


Almost Incredible Promises

An unknown Christian talks about incredible promises... More»»

Publishers Column

Natural as Breathing

Free Preview

Prayer in a church should be as natural as breathing. Here is a church that knows how!... More»»

Issue 4 -- As the Waters Cover the Seas: A Global Cry for the Glory of Christ


waters.jpgBased on Habakkuk 2:14, issue four looks at the exploding global prayer movement that is getting more and more in synch with praying God's purposes for the earth. Can the end result be anything other than a massive spiritual awakening? This issue releases April 27.  See below for a list of special preview articles.  Click here for a full table of contents.



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Be Found at Peace

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How to Interact with Scripture Using Relational Prayer

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It’s clear that God is not looking for sacrifices that are external. He requires a very different k ... Read More

Peace that Passes Understanding

Peace that Passes Understanding

Author:Dave Butts

Topic Date:Friday, June 09, 2017

The Lord has amazing timing, doesn’t he? For several months I have been pulling together resources a ... Read More

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