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Theme Bible Study

A personal or small group Bible study based on the theme articles of this issue.... More»»

How Jesus Used Scripture

If you are a follower of Jesus, it is very important for you to understand that you are in a battle, and that battle is against the forces of the devil and the powers of evil. ... More»»

Declaring Prayer

Anyone who accepts Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior soon learns that the Christian life is not without opposition. ... More»»

9 Compelling Reasons

Years ago, I was taught how to pray the Word of God—and it revolutionized my prayer life. It is the ultimate prayer manual written by God Himself. ... More»»

Power, Blessing, and Grace

Inviting into our lives everything that God has ever planned.... More»»

Scripture Prescription

How to overcome arrested development when it comes to prayer... More»»

Theme Introduction

Decades ago, she prayed a very bold prayer. Evelyn Christenson asked the Lord to let her teach the world to pray. ... More»»

Non-Theme Articles

31 Ways to Pray for Your Teen

A month of scripture prayers to help parents pray God's purposes for their teenagers.... More»»

If Two of You

What It Really Means to Agree in Prayer... More»»


20,000 Pray in Miami

20,000 believers gather together to pray and worship... More»»

Moutaintop Experience

For more than a decade teams of intercessors have climbed mountaintops around Arizona to usher in the New Year at sunrise... More»»

Come Alongside Ministry

A "Come Alongside" Prayer Ministry Launches... More»»

Unity in Prayer

Prayer leaders from 12 denominations gather in Orland to encourage each other and pray ... More»»

Tips and Tools

Awareness of God's Presence

Prayer and sti,ulating an awareness of God's presence... More»»

What One Thing?

A creative way for a church to pray for its people... More»»

How High Are Your Gates?

A dynamic way to pray Psalm 24... More»»

Prayer for Your Church Kids

A simple idea to help foster regular prayer for the kids who attend your church... More»»

Triplet Praying

An effective evangelism prayer method... More»»

Surfs Up: Prayer on the Internet

Want to Socialize?

How prayer is being encourage through social networks... More»»

Prayer Leader

Prayer Leader

Learn how an active prayer room can fuel your church.... More»»


Classics -- Tozer

Prayer is no substitute for obedience... More»»

Publishers Column

Why I Don't Pray

For the past 17 years, I have been in the “prayer mobilization” business. I am deeply involved in encouraging, equipping, and challenging both individual believers and churches of the need to pray more and grow in prayer.... More»»

Solid Foundation: The Power of Praying Scripture

cover.jpgIssue three of Prayer Connect will encourage, challenge, and equip the reader to make praying God's Word a significant part of their prayer arsenal. It will be a valuable discipleship resource for prayer leaders to use in mentoring others.

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Peace that Passes Understanding

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The Lord has amazing timing, doesn’t he? For several months I have been pulling together resources a ... Read More

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