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Issue 24 - Leaders Who Pray

The Foundation to Building a Praying Church



Our January - March 2016 issue looks at the importance of having leaders who pray if a church is going to become a praying church. The articles will challenge, inspire, and equip pastors, staff and elders to make prayer more foundational in their own lives and ministries, and then teach them to lead others into prayer.

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Theme Introduction

The Foundation to Building a Praying Church... More»»

A Healthy Prayer Life

The Common Denominator of Spiritual Leaders... More»»

Investing in Prayer Leaders

Building a Praying Church from the Ground Up... More»»

What Leaders Need from Intercessors

Fulfill Your Calling to Love and Pray... More»»

Entering the Throne Room


From Unworthiness to Confidence... More»»

Are Your Prayers Stinky?


What are some bad prayers we regularly pray?... More»»

Refugee Crisis

Five Objects to Fuel Prayer... More»»

War Room: A 30-Day Boot Camp Response


30 Days of prayer based on the movie War Room... More»»

A Needed Revival


Powerful word from Hyman Appleman... More»»

War Room Wins Box Office


FIrst weekend sales of new movie wins the box office.... More»»

Defense of Coach Who Takes a Knee


Coach fired for praying on football field after games.... More»»

"Elders" Gather for Solemn Assembly


Top leaders call for prayer gathering in January... More»»

National Security Initiative Embraced by Leaders


Prayer leaders gather in Colorado Springs to pray for the security of our nation.... More»»

What Leaders Need from Intercessors


Fulfill Your Calling to Love and Pray... More»»


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Accepting the Peace of God

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A 4 Step Process to Overcome Spiritual Dryness

A 4 Step Process to Overcome Spiritual Dryness

Author:David Butts

Topic Date:Monday, April 24, 2017

I love a good rain in the summer--especially after it has been awhile since we have had a downpour. ... Read More

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