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Issue 23 - Embracing Intimacy

Allowing God to Invade Your Prayer Life

cover23small.jpgOur Nov/Dec 2015 issue looks at the important topic of how our prayer life can and should bring an intimate connection to the Father. We all long to be in a meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ. Learn ways to develop deeper intimacy as you grow in your prayer life. 

Table of Contents

Theme Introduction

Allowing God to invade your prayer life... More»»

Doing the Dance Together


God's work through constant communion... More»»

Intentional Intimacy

Being Yourself in the Presence of God... More»»

When the Heavens Seem Silent

A look at frequent intimacy blockers... More»»

Discover Your Prayer Personality

When You Don't Pray Like Everyone Else... More»»

Beyond the Academics of Prayer


A simple demonstration of prayer... More»»

Connecting through Prayer Fellowships

A simple way to develop a prayer group... More»»

A Manifestation of God


A powerful classic from Tony Marshall Anderson... More»»

Ashley Madison and Revival


Publisher's Note... More»»

David's Tent in D.C. Leading to Elections


24 hour worship going on National Mall non-stop until elections.... More»»

Gospel Wildfire Spreads through Prayer


God's Spirit is moving in Myanmar... More»»

National Security Call to Prayer


Major prayer groups call special gathering to pray for the safety of our nation.... More»»

Pray for America Bus Tour: This Generation


Prayer group travels from campus to campus to pray... More»»


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