Issue 2 -- Fresh Fire: Hope for a Christ-Centered Revival

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Fresh Fire released in early December, and will begin regular bi-monthly production of Prayer Connect. We are now taking subscriptions. Click on PURCHASE on the upper tool bar to order a subscription--digital or print.

The theme, Fresh Fire,  reflects our earnest desire to rally prayer that seeks a fresh move of God's Spirit. Churches today--particularly in the Western world--need revival. We need to get our eyes re-focused on Jesus Christ and all that He is once again.

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Available Articles

Theme Articles

Fully Alive

By: David Bryant

This is a picture of revival—when the Spirit saturates a church with God’s Word about God’s Son so that God’s people come alive to His glory in whole new ways.... More»»

Living as a Prisoner of Hope

By: Claude King

Don't lose hope in your prayer burden for revival and spiritual awakening. ... More»»

No Shortcuts on the Pathway

By Nancy Leigh DeMoss

Where are the heart hearts, set aflame in revival?... More»»

Revival Bible Study

By: Sandra Higely

A Bible study based on articles and scriptures in Fresh Fire issue.... More»»

Spirit Surprises in Acts . . . and Today

By: Doug Small

When the Holy Spirit moves, expect the unexpected!... More»»

Theme Introduction

Feel the heart of our editor describing what's in "Fresh Fire: Hope for a Christ-Centered Revival"... More»»

Non-Theme Articles

But I Have Prayed for You

By: Steve Hawthorne

Can you recall the last time someone told you that he or she was praying for you? No doubt it was meant to reassure you. Telling people that you’ve prayed for them is a loving way of encouraging them or cheering them on.... More»»

Praying with Audacity: Like a Juggernaut

By: Steven Furtick

Learn to pray bold, faith-filled prayers.... More»»


9-11 Sparks Prayer Gatherings

All across America special prayer gatherings were held on 9-11... More»»

News & Events Main Page

News of God's moving around the world as a result of prayer... More»»

North American Summit

By: Kim Butts

For the past six years, prayer leaders from the United States, Canada, and Mexico have met together in love and unity to hear from God and intercede for their nations.... More»»

Revival Conversation

By: Carol Madison

"My hope grows each year that we are at the threshold of a great move of God,”... More»»

Tips and Tools

6:4 Fellowship

A new online fellowship group for pastors focuses on encouraging that they be people of the word and prayer.... More»»

Operation World

The best missions prayer resource available.... More»»

Powerful Clips Stir Prayer

The use of powerful prayer videos can stir prayer for missions.... More»»

Tips & Tools Main Page

Ideas to help you pray more effectively.... More»»

Surfs Up: Prayer on the Internet

Surf's Up - Prayer on the Internet

Prayer Connect website offers more than a magazine.... More»»

Prayer Leader

Think Young!

By: David Chotka

A column of encouragement and challenge for local church prayer leaders.... More»»


Keep Praying Until God Aswers!

By: R.A. Torrey

Prayer thoughts from classics works and authors.... More»»

Publishers Column

Publisher's Column - A Sense of Calling

By: Jonathan Graf

Prayer Connect launches because of a sense of the Lord's Calling... More»»

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