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Issue 15 -- The Power of Praise!

Touching Heaven, Transforming Earth

May/June 2014

PC cover15.jpgOur May/June 2014 issue focuses on praise and what it does to us plus the spiritual power that it brings. 

Table of Contents

The Power of Praise

Touching Heaven, Transforming Earth... More»»

The Spiritual Benefits of Praise


Reorient Your Earth-Bound Perspective... More»»

What Do You Mean by That?


Defining Worship Terms... More»»

Forget Why You Came

Moving from Anxious Groaning to Joyful Ruling... More»»

A Heart Shift

When Your Prayers Become about Him... More»»

Prayer and Praise

A Bible Study based on the theme articles of issue 15... More»»

Can We Really Pray without Ceasing?


How our disposition determines endless fellowship... More»»

Balanced, Strategic Prayer

Using the Lord's Prayer to unify your group... More»»

I Got You!

How God loves us to get His attention.... More»»

The One Needful Thing


A look at how to pray through 2 Chronicles 7:14... More»»

Get Email Reminders to Prayer-Care-Share

An easy way to remember to pray for neighbors... More»»

Make It Simple for Them

How to get people in your congregation to pray more.... More»»

One Naiton under God

A look at some web-based prayer sites that focus on praying for the United States.... More»»

Motivating and Mobilizing Evangelistic Prayer

Helping people focus effective prayer for lost people... More»»

Praying in the Name of Jesus


What it means to pray in Jesus' name... More»»

Onething Draws Young Adults and Leaders


A prayer movement focused on the Great Commission... More»»

New York City on Brink of Awakening?


The growing move of God in this key city.... More»»

Thousands of Commitments through My Hope


How prayer affected an evangelistic effort... More»»

War-torn Liberia Experiences Hope


How God is moving in this nation... More»»

Moms Ready for Powerhouse Prayer


News of an upcoming prayer conference sponsored by Moms in Prayer... More»»

National Day of Prayer Raises One Voice


Shirley Dobson explains the importance of the upcoming National Day of Prayer... More»»


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