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Our Great Intercessor

Learning from the Prayer Life of Jesus

PC cover 11-small.jpgIssue 11 offers practical thoughts on what it means that Jesus is ever living to intercede for us. How should this though affect our own prayer lives. It will release the last week of June. The articles that say "FREE PREVIEW" are open to the public.

Table of Contents

Issue 11 - Our Great Intercessor


Learning from the Prayer Life of Jesus... More»»

Theme Introduction

The Prayer Life of Jesus... More»»

Jesus: Man of Prayer


Did Jesus really need to pray?... More»»

The Dangerous Prayers of Jesus

What we can learn from the bold prayers of Jesus.... More»»

I Have Prayed for You

Jesus' prayer role today.... More»»

Bible Study

The Prayer Life of Jesus... More»»

The God of Long Answers

How waiting on God through persevering prayer benefits us.... More»»

Guarding the Minds of Our Children


How to battle in prayer for our children... More»»

Stark Raving Obedience


The essential factor in hearing God's voice... More»»

Tips & Tools

Ideas to grow prayer... More»»

Got Prayer?

A unique prayer idea for VBS... More»»

Send Out a Wave of Prayer

A multiple church prayer idea... More»»

Surf's Up

The Living Prayer Center of the Upper Room... More»»

Prayer Leader

Don't Forget Your Own Prayer Life!... More»»



F.B. Meyer on Revivng Habits of Prayer... More»»

Publisher's Note


The Gospel Will Spread and Flourish... More»»

Leaders Discuss America's Spiritual Condition


News from the Awakening Alliance gathering... More»»

Unite Prayer Event Calls Students to "Reset"


A growing student movement has major prayer event on NDOP... More»»

Other Nations Join in Prayer and Fasting for USA


THe moral decline of America is being noticed and prayed against by believers around the world... More»»

International Awakening Revival Institute Launches


Longtime ministry is expanding its ministry to offer practical training... More»»


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