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Praying for the Hollywood Tribe

SURFUP header.jpgTwice in the past three years, the National Prayer Committee has held its January meeting in Hollywood, CA. Because the entertainment industry in Hollywood is perhaps the most influential mission field on earth, these prayer leaders chose to come and pray at various Hollywood sites, as well as learn about strategic prayer for those who so heavily impact our culture through this industry.

The Hollywood Prayer Network (HPN) is a non-denominational Christian prayer ministry led by professionals in Hollywood. It was birthed in 2001 for the purpose of mobilizing global prayer for the people, projects, and powerful influence of the entertainment industry. Karen Covell, founder of HPN (also a TV producer), shared her desire to see the spiritual climate of Hollywood changed from the inside out. Covell longs to see more Christians begin to view Hollywood as a redeemable city similar to Nineveh, rather than as Sodom and Gomorrah.

As a member of the National Prayer Committee, Covell has mobilized prayer leaders from around the nation to see the vital importance of reaching the entertainment industry for Jesus Christ.  Many people boycott, petition, or give up on Hollywood. But what if Christians began to see its redemption as God’s way of ushering in a cultural and spiritual awakening?

Join the Mission Field Currently, HPN has mobilized about 6,000 Christians already working in this mission field. Increasingly, more believers are feeling called to Hollywood. They are growing as a community through small groups and Bible studies and are experiencing God’s presence in increasingly noticeable ways.    

At, you will find a wealth of resources to engage you, your family, small group, or church in strategic, informed prayer for the people who work in this industry. Here are just a few things you will find as you navigate the various dropdown menus on the HPN website:

Prayer Specifics

There are a variety of specific ways to pray for the “Hollywood Tribe.”
  • Prayer calendars (kid’s version as well as teen/adult versions) are available each month.
  • Monthly prayer newsletters contain a wealth of people and projects to pray for, along with news and specific prayer targets for each month.
  • Incognito Prayer Team (IPT): Sign up if you have a heart for Christian and non-Christian celebrities and decision-makers in the entertainment industry. Intercessors are assigned or can choose to pray for a number of celebrities or cultural influencers incognito—meaning that the person you are praying for will not know you are praying for him or her.
  • I to I Program: HPN now has almost 1,500 “I to I” prayer partnerships, with an intercessor on the outside of Hollywood praying specifically for an industry professional who has requested a prayer partner.
  • Prayer Walks: On a rotating, weekly basis, industry Christians join other believers who work on studio lots for prayer walks through their lots.
  • Prayer Ministries: You will find a list of area prayer ministries that are accessible to the Hollywood community and beyond.

Other Interesting Features

  • Online Store: Support Christians working as missionaries in Hollywood by purchasing helpful tools.
  • Hollywood Entertainment Ministries: See a list of websites for more than 20 ministries that serve the Christians working in Hollywood. Hollywood Connect ( is the hub for announcements and information for the Hollywood Entertainment Ministries.
  • News and Articles: Don’t miss this section filled with articles and news stories that will greatly enhance and inform your prayers for Hollywood!

If you have given up on Hollywood as a place of darkness, please reconsider and ask God to lead your heart toward earnest intercession for the believers there, as well as those who do not yet know Christ. Consider signing up to be a part of the Hollywood Prayer Network ( so that day by day this city will be increasingly filled with the glory of God.

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