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Will You Pray with Us?

Prayer Connect magazine needs you! We are grateful for readers who will come alongside us and uphold us in prayer:

1. The National Prayer Committee (NPC) will meet the end of January in Mesa, AZ. This is a key time to interact with prayer leaders from around the country, hear what God is saying to them, and gather ideas for themes and articles for the magazine. Pray for Dave and Kim Butts, Jon Graf, and Carol Madison as they spend time with people who are key contributors of editorial content for the magazine. Pray for favor in securing commitments to write articles. Pray also that these prayer leaders will have valuable ideas about how to further the mission of Prayer Connect. Dave Butts, as chairman of the NPC, will lead the meetings. Pray for endurance and wisdom for him.

2. Pray for our graphic designer Bridget Rennie as she balances working on the magazine with the needs of her young family. Pray that she will be blessed with creativity as she designs the cover and article layouts. Pray also for Bridget’s health and stamina. She is such a critical part of our small staff!

3. Pray for the continued growth of subscriptions, favor from advertisers, and greater financial stability. Pray for more openings in the many prayer networks around the country—that God’s Spirit will move upon thousands of pastors and intercessors to support Prayer Connect.

4. Pray that this issue on God’s movement of prayer on campuses will stir even greater prayer among all generations! 

Thank you for keeping us in your prayers. Send us an email to let us know how you are praying—and if the Lord is speaking anything to you that we need to hear (


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