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Are Your Prayers the Key to the Salvation of Others?

Are Your Prayers the Key to the Salvation of Others?

Author - Kim Butts

"No one can come to Me unless the Father who sent Me draws him, and I will raise him up at the last day" (John 6:44).



This verse became very personal for me one winter, shortly after I had given my life to Jesus. Clara, an older woman in my church, revealed that she had been praying for me daily for more than two years. She did not really know me, but she knew that I needed to give my heart to Christ. The significance of that moment did not hit me until I came face to face with John 6:44. Had God been drawing me while I was too busy to hear or pay attention? I could truthfully say that I had never known any other person who was interceding on my behalf. It made me ask, "What if she had not been praying for me?"

I believe that Clara’s prayers allowed my heart to be open to the voice of the Holy Spirit. Because she cried out to God for my soul, I now have everlasting life. God was patiently wooing me, but in my ignorance and pride, I already believed I was going to heaven because I was a "good person." Clara prayed that I would bow my knee before the King of kings. As she did battle on my behalf, I began to soften my will before God, responding to His call to make His Son my Lord and Savior.

As you interact with the people in your own family, your friends, coworkers, fellow students, business associates, customers, or even the strangers you pass every day, have you ever considered whether or not anyone is praying for them?  What if your prayers could make the difference in someone’s eternity? Would this give new significance and urgency to your prayers? Begin to look at your relationships differently. Ask God to draw people to Himself so that they will be able to respond to His plans and purposes for their lives. Can you imagine some new possibilities for prayer in the moments of your every day, ordinary life that will make an extraordinary impact upon each person you come into contact with? Begin today to pray for the Father to draw the people you love, interact with or just pass by each day to Himself. We may never know until heaven how many lives have been opened to receive Christ because of our prayers.,

10:36 PM Thursday, October 11, 2012

My 24 year old son accepted Christ last Jan. It truly was a "Damascus Road" experience and it felt like suddenly, chains had been broken...a crescendo of power! Recently I started thinking about what was the tipping point that finally broke through after years of crying out to God? We often wonder how much really, our prayers affect someone coming to Christ because we know that it truly is only by grace. But suddenly I wondered..."what if our prayers really do add up to where they finally have something to do with tipping the scale until the Holy Spirit's power is fully released in a person's life?" And "what if my prayer is the one that tips the scale?"!! And.."what if I failed to pray that very crucial prayer?"! Suddenly, praying for the unbelievers on my list took on new importance!!,

3:16 PM Sunday, September 30, 2012

I just found you; looking forward to reading what you have to offer; my church has begun a harvestprayerhouse-- that is what I was looking for and found you.,

4:05 PM Monday, August 13, 2012

Excellent testimony and reminder of how God calls each one of us to Himself- whether we realize it or not! Dennis Connor's "SAFE" prayer (praying for someone to experience a Spiritual Awakening or Fresh Encounter with Jesus Christ) is just one simple way to pray for people you know or don't know to be drawn closer to Jesus. It's a method I now share and teach others as I pray.

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